First Public Consultation on Harmonised Classification and Labelling
Date: Wednesday, March 11, 2009 @ 10:03:25 GMT
Topic: Association News

The ECHA, European Chemicals Agency, has published on its website the first public consultation on a proposal to harmonise the classification and labelling of two chemical substances. Comments are welcome on the proposal within the next 45 days. All comments will be taken intoaccount in the subsequent decision-making process.

The two substances in this consultation are:
  • Epoxiconazole – a pesticide, used in agriculture to control types of fungus;
  • Diantimony trioxide – used as a flame retardant in plastics, PVC, rubber and textiles; as an additive in glass; and in the manufacture of pigments and paints;
The Swedish authorities have submitted to ECHA comprehensive dossiers on these two substances and asked for their classification and labelling to be harmonised across the European Union.

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