HSE Manufacturing Sector Best Practice Conference
Date: Tuesday, February 27, 2007 @ 14:26:39 GMT
Topic: Health and Safety Executive (HSE) News

The Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) Manufacturing Sector has announced a ‘best practice’ conference on leadership in health and safety for senior management.

The conference takes place on 29 March 2007 and is aimed at business leaders in manufacturing industries – Chief Executives and Directors.

It brings together a series of best practice speakers who will share success stories on how they implemented effective leadership programmes to manage health and safety, together with the business and human benefits that flow from them. Delegates will be able to take away examples to adapt and apply to help their own businesses realise similar successful strategies.

Announcing the conference, James Barrett, Head of HSE’s manufacturing sector, said:
“Latest figures show that the accident rate for manufacturing industry stands at about twice the rate for all industry. Many studies have shown that there is a substantial financial implication for businesses from the costs of accidents and ill-health, and that in many cases the payback from reducing accidents is greater than actually investing in new capacity.

“It has also been shown that for a company to truly improve its performance, leadership from the very top is a prerequisite. Organsiations that set out to implement effective leadership programmes have reaped huge rewards in terms of holding on to valued staff, improving workplace relationships, having a healthy workforce, reducing costs and improving competitiveness. We believe that by taking away the best practice messages from the speakers and applying them in their own companies, business leaders could significantly improve their company's performance both in health and safety and financial terms.

“We have secured contributions from a range of speakers with a proven track record of leadership in health and safety and from others within manufacturing who have a unique perspective on what good leadership from the top achieves through the management chain.”

The speakers include Professor Peter McKie (formerly managing director of Du Pont Ltd, and now Chair of HSE Northern Ireland), John Oliver (the Northern Leadership Academy and author of "Growing Your Own Heroes") and George Bond (who turned around the fortunes of an SME). Geoffrey Podger, Chief Executive of the HSE, will launch the conference.

Why attend this event?
  • Listen to keynote presentations from CEOs with a proven record of business benefits through better health and safety performance
  • Hear from others in the manufacturing environment who can explain the consequences of working in a company with good and poor leadership;
  • Learn about the regulatory climate;
  • Focus on activities that matter to your business and which only effective leaders can deliver;
  • Network and develop relationships to support health and safety improvements;
  • Discover ways of improving a business's health and safety culture that will improve the protection of your workforce and the bottom line of your business;
  • Contribute your experience in return for a sharing of ideas.
The venue for the conference is Pride Park Stadium, Derby -- the home of Derby County Football Club. It has excellent conference facilities with ample parking and good communications to the whole country, including East Midlands airport nearby. Attendance is by invitation only. Organisations and individuals who are interested in attending should forward their details, including the organisation they represent, to the conference booking agents:

Talent Services (c/o Claire Musson)
McLintocks Building, Summer Lane, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S70 2NY
Tel: 0800-0344444, Fax: 0800-0346666, e-mail: hseconference@talent-services.co.uk

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