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Access SOHSA Anytime, Anywhere - our new mobile portal

Wednesday, 10th Oct '07 at 09:47

We understand that managing your health & safety may mean you are often away from the office, your library and without access to online resources.

In an attempt to provide access to our resources on-the-go, we have implemented an all-new mobile portal into our website. This portal gives you...

Fit for Work Report

Monday, 17th Sep '07 at 09:24
The Fit for Work Report says most sufferers of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) recover more quickly by staying at work Employers and GPs should ‘focus on what people can do’ rather than incapacity Government needs to give a higher priority to tackling MSDs by improving GP awareness and access...

13th Annual Occupational Health & Safety Awareness Day

Friday, 14th Sep '07 at 10:27
Anonymous writes "

The 2007 Annual Occupational Health & Safety Conference will venture into the world of Behavioural Safety and take a closer look at why people do the things that result in accidents.

We will focus on a typical accident and go behind the scenes to establish the real cause. We will find out...


HSC says don't Overcomplicate Health and Safety

Wednesday, 1st Aug '07 at 08:54
As a part of the Government's Better Regulation Agenda the Health and Safety Commission (HSC) and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have initiated a dedicated project to help small and medium size businesses (SMEs) to fulfil their health and safety requirements as outlined by law. With this...

Government Concedes on Custody Deaths Paving Way for Corporate Manslaughter Bill

Monday, 23rd Jul '07 at 08:56
The Government has tabled today a new amendment of the Corporate Manslaughter and Homicide Bill allowing the new offence to apply to deaths in prison and police custody.

This is a direct concession to the House of Lords that has refused to pass this bill unless it applied to such deaths....

So Far as is Reasonably Practicable

Monday, 18th Jun '07 at 09:28
Dear Colleague,

You will no doubt have heard the news that yesterday the European Court of Justice (ECJ) upheld one of the key elements of British health and safety law

- the use of the key phrase "so far as is reasonably practicable".

Finally the ECJ has rejected the European...

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