HSE - What to expect when a [Workplace Contact Officer calls]

PLEASE NOTE: HSE no longer uses Workplace Contact Officers, instead Awareness Officers may call to offer advice. This leaflet is quite outdated, for the best idea of what to expect from an awareness officer's visit, please contact HSE Infoline. SOHSA will try to find more up-to-date guidance or advice for visits from the newer awareness officers.

This leaflet is intended for those in business who have duties under health and safety law (‘dutyholders’), for example employers, the self-employed and those in control of workplaces. It explains what a health and safety awareness officer (HSAO) is and what they do. It also tells you what you can expect when an HSAO calls and what happens following their visit.

It also tells employees and their representatives what information they may expect from an HSAO as a result of the visit.
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