Safety with Gas Cylinders - BOC Open Workshops

Tuesday, 19th Jan '10 at 15:11

We have been alerted to a number of upcoming workshops for those working with gas - BOC's 2010 'Open' Gas Safety Training Workshop program.

The training is designed for anyone who uses gas cylinders. It follows the NEW & UPDATED 2009 format, containing additional information on transporting cylinders safely. Please note there is not a hands-on practical session during the workshop.

Topics covered in these workshops include:

  • Why do accidents occur?
  • Overview of Risk Assessments;
  • Understanding our atmosphere;
  • Potential hazards when working;
  • with gas cylinders;
  • Hazard posed by fire;
  • Hazards posed by pressure;
  • Regulators;
  • Gas cylinders;
  • Flashback arrestors;
  • Correct set-up of a gas system;
  • Storage of gas cylinders;
  • Handling gas cylinders safely;
  • Transporting cylinders safely;
  • What happens when it all goes wrong?

For further information, please see the workshop flyer and booking form, available at the following address:

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