Red Tape Challenge

Friday, 15th Jul '11 at 08:18

Red Tape Challenge StickerThe Red Tape Challenge (RTC) is intended to examine a different area every few weeks and offers a forum for people to share their views on regulation, to tell the government what they feel is working, what can be simplified and what regulations they feel should go. Health and Safety regulation will be the focus of the site for three weeks from 30 June to 21 July.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is inviting employers and all organisations and individuals with an interest in health and safety to submit comments to the Red Tape Challenge website on how regulation impacts on them and any changes they would like to see.

Comments received will provide the Government with a clear picture of how regulations are perceived and will help them decide which regulations should stay, which change, and which go entirely.

All health and safety regulations will be available for comment on the website, under the following four areas:

  1. general health and safety
  2. major hazard industries
  3. higher risk workplaces
  4. dealing with hazardous chemicals and materials

As well as being the focus theme from 30 June to 21 July, health and safety regulation is one of six cross-cutting themes open to comments throughout the whole of the Red Tape Challenge campaign.

Speaking about the red tape challenge (RTC), HSE Chief Executive Geoffrey Podger said:

“HSE is committed to protecting people from genuine risk in the workplace while ensuring that businesses don’t face unnecessary bureaucracy.

“The Red Tape Challenge is an excellent opportunity for everyone with an interest to give their views on health and safety regulation. We urge them to get involved in the debate.”

For further information about the red tape challenge, please visit the SOHSA discussion below:

SOHSA Discussion - Red Tape Challenge (RTC)

Red Tape Challenge Website

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