HSE launches second stage of gas installer competition

Tuesday, 5th Feb '08 at 09:57

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have launched the second stage of the competition to run a new gas installer registration scheme. The new scheme is set to bring added value to gas consumer safety and benefits to gas installers across Great Britain.

The new scheme takes forward recommendations arising from the HSEs review of the domestic gas safety regime and the views expressed by stakeholders. Oversight of the new regime will remain with the HSE. Further details of these recommendations can be found at:

Health and Safety Minister, Lord McKenzie of Luton welcomed the HSE announcement. The Minister said:
I am pleased that the scheme has now moved onto its next stage. The new scheme will bring innovative solutions to the table and give extra value to gas consumers throughout the UK.

The main elements of the new scheme will be:

  • A single provider appointed to run the new scheme for 5 years under the terms of an agreement to be managed by HSE;
  • The new registration scheme provider will co-ordinate stronger industry action to raise public awareness of gas safety;
  • The new provider will be given other functions such as tackling the problem of illegal, unregistered installers; and
  • It will be asked to review the competence requirements for registration of gas installers with a view to simplifying the current requirements and reducing burdens on installers.
As part of this second stage of the competition, HSE issued Invitation to Tender documents to short-listed companies on 25 January. The deadline for the return of bids is 10th March. The HSE evaluation process will involve discussion on proposals with bidders and advice from external advisors and stakeholders. An announcement on the new scheme provider is expected in the summer with the new scheme due to start in April 2009.

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