Mick Blunt Elected as Association's New Chairman

Sheffield Occupational Health and Safety Association (SOHSA) on 2007-03-16 12:44:02

Congratulations to Mick Blunt who was nominated and sucessfully elected as the Association's new chairman at this year's AGM on the 13th March. Election of Officers 2007: Chairman - Mick Blunt (2007-2009) Vice Chairman - Tim Hedland (2007-2009) Secretary - Declan Moore Treasurer - Julie Muir Election of Committee Members 2007: John Pearce - Immediate Past Chairman Jean Headleand (retires March 2008) Ginny Robers (retires March 2008) Chris Jerman (retires March 2008) Craig McGuinness (retires March 2009) Richard Johns (retires March 2008) Tracy Stubbs (retires March 2009) Diane Etchell - ex-officiio member representing the HSE Michael Wakerley - Slingers Handbooks Administrator Pat Howard - Conference Administrator David Duffin - ex-officio member representing the South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service Philip Marsh - co-opted to administrate association's website

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