'Don’t overcomplicate risk assessments!' says HSE, backing the European Campaig

Sheffield Occupational Health and Safety Association (SOHSA) on 2008-07-01 08:42:54

Yesterday the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) announced its support for the two year, European Campaign for Safety and Health at Work - the theme of which will be risk assessment. The key aim of the campaign is to demystify the risk assessment process to show that it is not complicated, bureaucratic or a task only for experts. Speaking at the launch event in London, Minister for Health and Safety, Lord McKenzie of Luton said, "We are delighted to be supporting this Europe-wide campaign for the next two years. In Britain there are over 200 fatalities at work each year, thousands more die as a result of work-related injuries and ill-health. The great majority of this harm can be prevented by taking practical precautions. A straightforward risk assessment is key to identifying those precautions." Geoffrey Podger, HSE Chief Executive said, "Our message to employers is to keep your risk assessment simple and fit for purpose, make it a living document and involve all the major people in acting on it. Risk assessment is not a bureaucratic paperwork exercise; it is about practical steps you need to take to protect people and get the job done safely." As part of the campaign, during European Week on October 20-24, HSE will be working with EEF on a series of regional seminars.  It will also be working in partnership with the TUC to deliver training events on risk assessment for safety representatives.  The campaign is supported by clear advice, provided by HSE and the European Agency, to help businesses make informed decisions, concentrating attention on the risks that cause real harm and suffering. There is a no-nonsense guide, '5 steps to risk assessment' as well as a range of industry-specific example risk assessments. The examples help small and medium sized employers understand what is - and is not - expected of them.

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