Community service for builder who took 10-year-old to work

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The boy was spotted by an HSE inspector on insecure narrow boards six metres above the ground. The worker had taken his son to work during the spring half term holiday. He was contracted to fit barge boards under the eaves of a semi-detached house in Kirkby. The inspector who was visiting refurbishment sites as part of the HSE's construction inspection “blitz” which took in 2,363 sites in February and March, saw the child edging along a plank, holding on to the frame, towards the bottom of a ladder where his father was standing. Liverpool Magistrates' Court heard the ladder was 30cm too short to reach the scaffold's lowest working platform. The builder held his son's ankles and put his feet onto the rungs of the ladder to make sure he did not miss his footing. The inspector issued an immediate prohibition notice ordering the builder to dismantle the scaffolding, as it was missing hand rails to prevent people falling, and no boards had been fitted around the edge of the scaffolding to stop tools or materials falling, endangering the home's owner and visitors. The HSE prosecuted the father under Section 3(2) of the Health and Safety at Work Act. As well as the community service, to be served over the next 12 months, he must pay £200 HSE costs. "We understand it can be difficult to find things to keep children occupied during the school holidays,” Said HSE Inspector Matt Greenly, “but taking them into potentially dangerous workplaces isn't the answer. "The 10-year-old boy could easily have been seriously injured or even killed if he had slipped and fallen from the scaffolding but he trusted that his dad knew what he was doing. "The incident would have been bad enough if the scaffolding had been erected safely but it was not and, as a result, the builder put his own life at risk as well as his son's.” Standfirst: A construction worker has been sentenced to 80 hours of community service for taking his 10-year-old son up on to scaffolding at a Merseyside refurbishment site. Author: Louis WustemannCategory: Work at heightNews Type: ProsecutionsIndustry: ConstructionRelated Items: DWP panned for work experience 'spin'Add to Carousel: noColour balance: Light text for use over a dark imageText position: Bottom Left aligned text

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