Engineer cracked skull in ladder fall

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The 49 year-old had climbed a portable ladder to stand on top of a cooling unit at the abbatoir at Watton, 25 miles from Norwich, on 27 October 2011,  to remedy a fault in a data logger attached to the chiller. Norwich Magistrates Court heard that the ladder was resting against the rear of the chiller with no top ties or foot supports to secure it. As he climbed down to get some tools it slipped, dropping him to the floor where he banged his head Apart from the skull fracture, the engineer damaged a bone in his right ear, leaving him partially deaf and unable to work for a month following the fall. He can now work only reduced hours and suffers from severe tinnitus. The HSE said he should have been using a safer means of access such as an elevating work platform, or at least the ladder should have been well secured. Cranswick Country Foods, which specializes in charcuterie and sausages,  was fined £10,000 plus £11,690 in costs after admitting breaching Section 2(1) of the Health and Safety at Work Act. In 2011, Cranswick Convenience Foods was fined £14,000 for basic machinery guarding failures after workers suffered life-changing injuries in two incidents within just 10 weeks. In 2009, another firm, Delico, which had been bought by Cranswick in November 2006, was fined £160,000 after a woman suffered head injuries when a discharge flap on a blender closed on her in 2007. Standfirst: Pork producer Cranswick Country Foods has been fined £10,000 after one of its engineers fractured his skull falling three metres at the company's Norfolk abbatoir. Author: Louis WustemannNews Type: NewsIndustry: Manufacturing/engineeringRelated Items: BT appeals ladder fatality convictionBuilder died in unsecured ladder fallChecking your ladder is still up to the jobAdd to Carousel: noColour balance: Light text for use over a dark imageText position: Bottom Left aligned text

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