Sheffield Occupational Health and Safety Association Website Wap-2-Go Portal
Live example of our Portal
Wap-2-Go is a mobile website that can be accessible on mobile phones, PDAs and other mobile devices, generated "on-the-fly" from your site content. Customisable User Preferences allow a bespoke fit to any device and allow disabling of images by users to reduce their bandwidth/traffic (useful if charged per Kb by their provider). The use of Themes also allow easy styling of your mobile portal.

Wap-2-Go is fully WML (WAP1.1) and HTML (WAP2.0) compliant. WML is the standard mark-up language for mobile devices; whilst HTML (WAP 2.0) allows more advanced styling - giving your site an even more impressive look.
The demo above allows you to test Wap-2-Go in a live environment. All content is live from this site. Your browser must support iFrames for the demo to appear; click here if you see no demo.